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Algine Plus

Algine Plus is a complete natural seaweed health supplement by  Algine Products of Sweden, it is the first and only natural health food supplement that consisted of three species of seaweed (Cholorphyta – Green, Phaeophyta – Brown, Rhodophyta – Red), nowhere to be found in the world.

Algine Plus consists of more than 150 subtances like Vitamins, Minerals, Trace elements, Anti-oxidants, Amino acids, Omega – 3, Omega – 6, Omega – 9, GLA, CLA, ALA, Proteins, Q10, Fibers, Alginates, Chlorophyll, Mannitol, Astaxanthine, Enzymes and a complete set of Isomers and more.

Algine Plus is make from the finest, freshest and the purest seaweed, harvest in our own licensed ocean region around Greenland and Iceland. (The only sources for nutritious, fresh and unpolluted seaweed today are the Arctic ocean).

All our seaweed are harvest by a clean process (by hand or small fishing boats, not large vessels to avoid pollution). Then we use a special, freeze-drying method to dry the seaweed that is able to preserves 97% of the nutritious content of the seaweed.

Algine Plus is one of the smallest natural seaweed health supplements in the market with a slight mint taste, (only 10mm in diameter) it is even easy for children and elderly people to swallow.

Algine Plus is unlike the "Natural Synthetic Isolated USP (United States Pharmacopeia) or the Food Derived Isolated USP health supplements normally available in the market, Algine Plus is totally natural, since seaweed is considered to be one of the most complete natural food source. Algine Plus is also manufactured in Sweden under GMP standards and is approved by the Swedish Health Food Council.

It does not contain Gluten, lactose, soy, corn, yeast, sugar, colourants, animal products, nuts, tomato, caffeine, taurine or preservatives.

Algine Plus is suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.